Industrial Maintenance

Guaranteeing the safety of your facilities and teams

Our expertise

Control, analysis and continuous improvement of your equipment

Our ongoing support

At Stib, we are committed to establishing a lasting and transparent relationship with each and every one of our customers, placing the safety and durability of their equipment at the heart of our concerns. From design to implementation, our expertise in industrial preventive maintenance complements our construction and reinforcement work. In addition to simply checking that your equipment is working properly, our activities also focus on the continuous improvement of your industrial piping systems.
Our design office offers an in-depth technical study of your equipment, supporting you in the supervision and coordination of your work or renovation projects. As an industrial maintenance company, we strive to ensure the reliability of your installations, while promoting their optimization.

photographie des réalisations de tuyauterie
photographie des réalisations de tuyauterie
photographie des réalisations de tuyauterie

Our expertise at your service

Our specialized technicians are ready to meet all your industrial maintenance requirements, particularly for peripheral installations. We provide general maintenance services for equipment such as filtration and lubrication, the installation of SKIDs for piping centralization, the manufacture of handling elements, and the protection of your production units.
Optimize your production efficiency with our "on-load tapping" services, ensuring continuity of your operations. We regularly repair and maintain compressed air production systems to prevent pressure losses and potential leaks. What's more, our expertise extends to the installation of Armed Fire Fighting Valve (AFV) networks, essential in industrial environments. More powerful and longer-lasting than fire extinguishers, this equipment enables you to react rapidly in the event of a fire emergency. Put your trust in our company for industrial maintenance. Customer satisfaction and safety are our top priorities at Stib Industrie.

Complete solutions for industrial networks

  • Dismantling of existing networks
  • Work on pressurized / low-temperature (-29°) and high-temperature (200°) networks
  • Work on compressed air, argon, oxygen and all types of gas networks
  • Use of endoscopic cameras for inspection
  • Pipe thickness measurement with specialized equipment

We're the company you need for quality services in network dismantling, work on networks at various temperatures, and intervention on a variety of gases. We use state-of-the-art equipment such as endoscopic cameras and thickness gauges to guarantee accurate, reliable inspections.